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Security is our top priority!

Documents like tax returns contain personal identification information about your debtors and identity theft is a real and constant threat when transmitting information through the internet. Using email to receive documents from the debtor bar is insecure, placing sensitive debtor information at risk. uses high-grade SSL connections to secure your documents during transport. Your documents are encrypted upon receipt at Bankruptcy Documents and remain encrypted using high-grade PGP encryption.

You only need one account to file documents with multiple Trustees.

Bankruptcy Documents is a complete document management solution for our trusteeship that integrates with our existing case management system, to safely and securely accept documents from the debtor bar. Uploads con only be made on cases that are assigned to our trusteeship preventing the receipt for personal information on cases assigned to other trustees.

Documents currently being accepted via

  • Answers to Interrogatories
  • Banking or Financial Document
  • Business Operating Reports
  • Debtor Identification (Valid ID / Proof of SSN)
  • Documents Requested by Trustee
  • Domestic Support Obligation - Documentation / info relating to DSO
  • INCUR - Supporting Documents (pursuant to Order)
  • Pay Stubs / Proof of Income
  • Payroll Change Request
  • Power of Attorney
  • Proof of Insurance
  • SELL - Supporting Documents (pursuant to Order)
  • TAX - Returns/Transcripts /Affidavit

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