Electronic Disbursements to Creditors and Attorneys

Receive Disbursements by ACH

Creditors and Debtor Attorneys are eligible to receive disbursements by ACH instead of paper check. To participate in our ACH program you must complete and submit the ACH Authorization form to our office and have a login account with either the National Data Center or 13Network.

Complete the Authorization Agreement

Complete the ACH form(fillable online), print, sign and return the authorization form the to email address indicated at the bottom of the form.

When setup has been completed, you will receive an email indicating when your electronic disbursements will begin.

ACH Authorization Packet

Accessing Payment Voucher Information: (13Network or National Data Center)

Once you begin receiving electronic payments, you will need the associated payment information in order to credit funds to the proper account. Detailed payment information is available through your 13Network account or through the National Data Center.

13 Network

Registered User on 13Network?

If you are already a 13Network registered user for cases assigned to Mark T. McCarty there is nothing else you need to do in order to access the voucher information for your electronic payment. Proceed to the section on how to retrieve your voucher information.

If you do not already have a 13Network login for cases assigned to Mark T. McCarty, navigate to using your internet browser.

  • On the home page of, under General Services or Attorney Services, click the link to “View Cases Online”.
  • Click the link to “Request Access – New User”.
  • Complete the web access agreement. Once approved your login ID and password will be emailed to you.

Retrieving Voucher Payment Information

1.Upon initial login to your 13Network account will you see a link in the upper right portion of the screen, “Click to View Vouchers”. This link will give you access to payment information issued to you in the last 90 days.

2.To view/print the voucher information, click the hyperlink in the column “Check Number” for the item you wish to review.Detailed payment information will be viewable on screen.There are three hyperlink options to retrieve the data.

a. Right click and Select “Save Target As” to Download will create a text file that can be imported into Excel or other database software.

b. Print Page will generate a screen shot of the displayed page.c. Print Voucher will generate a printed voucher similar to what is issued with a printed check.

National Data Center: If you are a creditor or attorney with access to the National Data Center you may prefer to download your voucher information from the NDC. Please contact the NDC on methods for downloading voucher information associated with your electronic payment.

NDC - Debtor Attorney Registration

NDC - Creditor Services Information